Fresh H1b transfer and LCA location change


I wanted to get an idea on two different things. Please advise,

Transferring H1b visa:- While we have a fresh approved h1b petion, isit possible to change the employer? To elaborate, suppose I get my visa approved in april, but I do not want to continue working with him from october, is there a way I can transfer my visa.

Regarding LCA:- in case the client and location mentioned in the LCA at time of approval varies from the client I wish to pursue from october along with change in location, is there a wayout?


  1. Yes, another employer can file a cap-exempt petition for you once the 1st petition has been approved. This is nothing but H-1 transfer.

  2. The location is mentioned in the LCA, while client information will be mentioned in the I-129 package sent to USCIS. If you change employers, then new employer will have to file new LCA for new location, and submit new client information in their H-1 package. If you change locations w/ same employer, then the employer will have to file a new LCA followed by H-1 amendment.