Fresh H1b - FY 2014 - RFE Raised on Premium Processing

Hi Everyone,

My petiotion got selected in lottery. But I got RFE on premium processing on 26 April 2013, It has been two months since the RFE raised. (Vermont center) My employer has not yet responded to RFE, & they said that they would need more to compile the documents required. This employer is a consulting firm in GA.

My employer did not tell me about the RFE details. Is there anyone having any idea what sort of details could have been asked that takes 2 months of time to respond.

Is the RFE common these days ?
Could anyone tell me how long the employers usually take to respond to RFE ?


I am just speculating, but they may have asked either for employer’s financial details or client/project details. Depending upon what they already have and what they want to hide, such RFEs can be tough.

Do you know any other person who applied through this company?