Fresh H1B can rejoin employer A?

While waiting for whole year 2021 to get the H1B I resigned from the employer A and joined another employer B (note that i am not in USA). Now i just got a email from EMPLOYER A that the H1B just got selected in the lottery , can i directly join EMPLOYER A in USA for the first time on H1B ,earlier i used to work for employer A in another country

Sure you can. As you are not already in the US, you will need to go for visa stamping.

Hello @Kalpesh_Dalwadi

When I was in country A, Employer A then I applied for the H1B now I have changed the job in the Country A, Employer B, Now the H1B has picked up and wanted to join the Employer A but I suppose the petition and all will take some time, In the mean time can I again change the job and move to a Country B for the new job.
will it be difficult to file petition for the H1B since my location now will be changed from Country A to Country B
FYI - I have never been to states on H1B ever.

You can go for visa stamping in the country of your residence even if it is not your birth country.

Hello kalpesh

When i filed the application for the H1B i was in country A but while filing the petition I will be in country B with no office of the H1B employer in the country B , is that a problem?

No issues. The H1B sponsoring employer must have branch in the US and your country of residence is irrelevant while filing the petition.
Talk to your employer’s immigration lawyer if you need more information or have doubts.