Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) - Any one got their H-1B Petition Number from them ?

Hi All,


Can anyone please let me know, if anyone has sucessfully got their petition number from USCIS through FOIA?

My H-1B petition is approved and I am thinking of switiching my job, as per policy my current employer will not share H-1B petition number with me.

So, the only way available for me is FOIA.
Hence, I wanted to know how effective this process is and what is the sucess rate like ?

Please let me know, if any of you have heard of anyone getting their H-1B petition number through FOIA and then getting their new H-1B.


If my current employer withdraws my approved petition before 1st Oct ? Will it affect my H-1B status ?

Or my new employer can request for transfer anytime? Even if my original petition has been withdrawn?

Look forward to your response.


No One? Someone please share your experience, I am planning to go by this route and looking for attorneys who can help me with this.

If you have got it done in past, then please share your experience. It would be really helpful!

Thanks a lot!


Have you applied FOIA request for your above mentioned case? I too have same issue now. My H1B is approved. My employer is not sharing me receipt number also. I just want to request FOIA . have u got ur documents?

Same here. Please let me know if you got your receipt number through FOIA.

Hi Sir,

Did you get the H1b approval notice I-797B through FOIA ? Please share your experience it will be helpful for us. Even I’m also planning to apply for the same.

Thanks in advance.