For H1B 221G for Client Letter : Who has to reply

Hi Friends,

I got the 221g ( Blue Slip) in the H1B Visa Interview on October Month . The VO officer asked to email the client letter in PDF format to the ChennaiH& Now I got the client letter. My question here it is , who has to forward the client letter to consulate, whether from petitioner mail ID or from my mail ID. Please let reply me ASAP.

You can send it. Please make sure that you will keep all of your petition information(like your full name, passport number, I-797 number, your interview date last time, your date of birth, your 221g number if any etc in the email. This helps the VO to pick up your case immediately)

HI Meiā€¦ I too got 221g for the same reason. Could you please share on what information did you include in the email? Also how much time it took for them to respond to your email? Please share it.