First time to US - SSN did not receive for more than 9 weeks - Looking for suggestions

I came to USA three months before with H1B, I applied SSN, and it’s been 9 weeks now still I did not receive yet, and when ever I ask SSN office, they said still is in verification process with Homeland Security, I really wonder is it something common here, because people who applied along with me received SSN max by 1 month. I went in person to SSN office and asked many times, whether I can cancel the submission and reapply? but they said reapplying will delay the process further.

Without SSN, project is not assigned yet, I am being idle for the past 2 and half months.

Please through some lights on the suggestion, whether to cancel and reapply or how to reach homeland security, I tried the toll free number given in the website. Please suggest some.

Thanks a lot!!

I dont think people here will have any more suggestions if you have done the follow up already. It definitely doesn’t take this long and generally ince you apply you should get the card with in 2 to 4 weeks.