First time stamping in India.Its been only 6 months on H1b


I converted my visa from H4 to H1B.

Got my H1b approved in sep,2012 with employer A and immediately before october, i applied for H1b transfer with employer B through premium and got it approved.

I started working for employer B from october. I have all the pay stubs properly.

I am working in an EVC model. My vendor is a gaint IT company in US.

Now, i am planning to go to India in June. I would be completing 7 months with the client.

Is there any chance where i might get stuck in India since it is a new H1b.If yes,

apart from client letter,pay stubs , offer letter, I797 and exp letters what else i might need …because i have all the documents…

Is it safe for me to visit India just after 7months of working on H1b?

As long as you have all the documents in place you should be good to go!

I was in the same situation, make sure you carry all your I797’s, both your employer A’s and B’s.

Hope this helps.

Hi Nikhil, I didn’t inform my first employer that i transferred my visa. My first H1b was valid till 2015 and i have I797 from both the employers. Will it be a problem as i didn’t revoke my visa with my First employer.

I did ask my employer A to revoke my Visa but didn’t inform him about transfer. So, will there be any documents that they need from employer A

If you resigned with employer A, it is highly likely that they have already revoked your first visa. Even if not, doesn’t matter. It’s all about what is current.

This is a link I found that has excellent information.


P.S.: I am still looking for an answer to my own question I posted today. Hoping that someone can answer!!

Thank you so much Nikhil :slight_smile: you are awesome:)
In my case , since it is a new H1b i never even worked with employer A and My first job was itself with employer B. There is a clause that if you have a new h1b and before october if you find employer B we can transfer the visa without pay stubs …and mine was the same case .

Agree w/ Nikhil’s responses.

You will have to appear for H-1 visa stamping as you don’t have any H-1 visa stamp in your passport. Stamping in EVC model can be difficult, so do some research on it especially on employer-employee relationship and the entire chain of contracts.

So, i need to get H1b stamped only when i cross the country right ?
For ex: If i Visit India then it should compulsory get stamped .

If i don’t have plans to cross country i can still work on H1b right ?
and also is it like we can avoid travelling not to get stuck (or) would you suggest to go for H1b stamping specially …

As long as the person continues to stay inside US, no stamping is required. The person can continue to stay and work in US after filing extensions. You can delay it forever if you never plan to leave US (i.e. until the end of your valid legal employment).