First time h1b stamping


I have a h1b petition approved till 31 may 2022 and still not got my visa stamped due to trump’s ban and corona virus situation since only emergency appointments are available. Every time I follow up with my employer immigration team they tell me that slots are not available.

My question is if somehow I’m eligible for NIE and through that we can book the emergency appointment, since I work an IT division for a pharma company (client) and our project supports the marketing and analytics of vaccines and other products sold by our client. Also one of our team mate left the company in US and there is a desperate need for his replacement.

Please guide me.

If you work in any if the listed industries, you will qualify for NIE

You can look at the below link of how to apply for NIE and the email ids of US consulates in India.

Hi Kalpesh, just one more question - does my employer needs to get NIE approval first based on critical infrastructure worker exception by dropping a mail to us consulate and if we get approval then only they can book slot for h1b visa interview or how they need to proceed, since it will be my first time visa stamping.

You can schedule the appointment and carry the NIE letter with other documents. If approved your visa will have NIE annotation.

thanks for your reply Kalpesh, till now not able to book a slot for myself.
I can see slots but when i try to book it, i get below error.

There are currently no appointments available. Please press the Back button and choose a new OFC appointment Date.**