First master from Canada interested in doing second master from USA

Hi, I have done Btech from Punjab university in Electrical and electronic.After that I did my MEngg. in Electrical and Computer Engg however I was interested in computer subject i was able to take computer subject. Currently i am working as Senior Test Analyst in a Bank. I am Permanent resident of Canada.

Will I get F1 visa?

can I convince VO for my second Master with the following answer plz advice.

My answer :I was always interested in doing Master Computer Science but i was not able to get subject in my university. I wish to earn an MS degree in Computer Science. I intend to follow this up with a Ph.D., and later, a career in research and teaching.

As long as you have the passion, you can explain it well. There is nothing called a right or wrong answer, you have to ensure that you articulate your plans so that the VO gets convinced. Visa stamping always depends on many factors and not just your current situation of second masters. All you can do it be honest and explain your passion to the VO. You can get F1 Visa, just believe in your vision and go ahead.