Fired on H1B; but have to go to India

I am in a crunch situation. I got fired by my employer 2 days back and my last working day is 11/22 (16 days from now). I am on H1B (I-797). I have to attend my brother’s wedding on 11/19 in India. Here are my questions -

1) Is it safe to go to India, get stamping done and come back to the US before 11/22? Note that I'm theoretically an employee of my company till 11/22. I booked air tickets, visa stamping appt at US consulate in India long back.

2) Assuming I get a job in the next 1 week, can I file H1-B transfer after I return on 11/22?

3) Fall back option: Can I file for COS to B2 I-539 on 11/22 after I return?

Thanks in advance for your valuable advice!

You have risk factor during visa stamping. Unless your visa officer doesn’t require any additional documents with releated to ur current company ur safe. It is better to find a new employer and file COS before u travel… This is jus a suggestion…

Other way u can get it stamped and come back with ur old company’s tag and search for new employer and apply for COS … this is second option.

you can choose the best based on your currrent situation.