Finding appropriate H1B Visa Sponsor

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I am really worried as I have got a H4 and have recently moved to US.I have been working with reputed firms in India and UK into Airline Domain and ORACLE Database and would be really eager to work again with one , after getting my visa converted from H4 to H1b.Seeking your help in letting me know how to identify appropriate one from the H1b Sponsors database .If someone has the names of the one’s that have already helped them out in one, please suggest .



It may be too late to apply for this year. It needs to be applied b/w April 1 and April 7. You can still do research for FY-18 (filing date of April 2017 and employment start date of Oct 2018).

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Thanks for your response. Can you please let me know how to exactly go about it, I mean how to find the appropriate one’s from the list that contains a lot of h1b sponsors?

The best way is to go through your network of friends, colleagues and family. It would be better if the person can refer you to the company and can provide feedback especially if they are a small private company.

Look at major airlines and see if you know anyone there. If yes, try to find out who their major vendors are and approach them for H-1B sponsorship.

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Greetings from Danta Technologies in San Diego.Please send your resume to Or Call Nik Patel on
+1 (510) 862-4149. We still can file your H1b Visa for 2016. There are last 2 days remaining to file.

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