Financing options for studying MS on F1 visa. I am currently on H4 and my husband is on H1B visa


I am currently on H4 visa. My husband is on H1b, working for an American firm. I am planning to pursue MS in the coming year and working towards that academically. I would like to change my visa to F1 as soon as I get admission to avail OPT. So, my husband is the only earning member who will have to pay my tuition fees. What are the options for finances. Can we take an educational loan? I do not want to miss out on the opportunity of studying MS due to financial constraints.

Typically, education loan options for internationals are very limited, unless they are signed by someone with Green Card or US Citizenship. Your spouse can consider taking personal loans as needed. Also, you can consider looking at funding opportunities in the schools you apply. Also, speak to your spouse on your Green Card Plans and where they are…if they are in appropriate stage, you can avail theadvantages of studying on H4 Visa

Look at all the various options and then make an informed decision.

Hi, thanks for the response!

I have reviewed all the options. I am eligible for in state tuition, but my purpose is to get F1 visa and OPT. I am not in the IT field, so if I study in H4 i will not get sponsors to do my H1b. In other words, I will be in the same situation as I am right now. My husband’s GC will be initiated sometime this year, according to his company and immigration team. So I will have to wait atleast a year or more for I140 and EAD to come through.
To avail funding opportunities, I will have to shift to F1. And I have already enquired, for most of the funding assistance, I will have to start college in fall semester. Anyway, this year is too late so that means waiting for one more year by which time I may have got my EAD itself!
Nevertheless, appreciate you taking time and responding to my question. Thank you once again!
Nevertheless, thank you

No worries, Good Luck with your journey either way !