Final queries for Visa Interview

Dear Dee[pak / Saurabh,

I can never thank you enough for the timely reply and encouragement. I shall be travelling in next 24 hr’s time for the interview, & shall be back on 6th evening. I will certainly update you my result and post my experience for everyone’s benefit. Meanwhile I will appreciate if I can have a quick & timely reply to afew last minute queries:

  1. What documents are to be shown to the VO should he/she asks for petition related documents (is it just the I-129, G-28, H classification, H1B filing fees exemption, and all my notarised certificates along with a copy of my passport or does that mean something else or something more in addition to these?)
    I have followed variouswebsites/ links for this but am still not clear about it. Please suggest.

  2. I have arranged all these documents & tagged/labelled them with" sticky notes", should I leave hand over these docs to the VO with these labels on (for his/her easy identification) or should I remove those before passing the docs to the VO.

  3. I will be working in-house for the company, what documents are need to prove the “Employer-Employee relationship”. I have with me (a) Letter from the company to the USCIS (for petition filing) stating very clearly that only the Company has the" right to hire & fire" and it also describes my job duties/responsibilities, my educational background etc; (b) I also have the employment agreement & © I have the current offer letter too from the company.
    I have done online search for this too but still am unsure whether I need to have any document proving the Employer-Employee relationship. Please suggest ASAP.

I am sure you will yet again provide timely advice. Thanking you in anticipation.


See my response to your question on the blog.