Filling new DS-160 form ... please help!

I made a typo mistakes in my old ds-160
1: city — instead of Fairfield I said Fairfiled
2: school name — i wrote “school” instead of “university” ( instead of Iowa state university I wrote Iowa state school )
3: missing some of my social identifiers and work phone number …I only gave Instagram

What should I do ? Do I have to fill a new ds-160 and change? Will the vo asked me the change I made?

Fyi- in my country both the biometrics and interview made the same day.

Fill new correct DS 160. Edit profile and correct ds 160 application I.D.
By the way in which country do you live now?

Nop, the DS-160 filled is grayed out(unselected) and can’t change. Even if I can, will I get a new confirmation email with updated DS-160 barcode that I can take with me for my appointment?

If anyone encounter this problem. This how I fixed this and got my visa.

  1. Fill out new ds-160
  2. I emailed to the support group (which I found on the appointment system).
  3. They redirect my email to the universal supporter groups
  4. They asked my necessary information then I provided the information
    5.Then they changed my old ds conformation number to the new confirmation number.
  5. I went to embassy with my new ds-160

Hope this helps, cause I know what I been through when I found the errors.

pray, pray,pray!!