Filling DS-160 for approved H4 visa

Hi ,

I came to the US on a student (F1) visa and now got it changed to H4 (H4 approved while in US, no stamping). I am planning to travel to India and need H4 visa stamping done.

Ques 1: Is DS-160 procedure the same for visa stamping AND new visa application ?

While filling out the DS-160, under the “Previous US travel” section, it asks me for “previous US visa” information.

Ques 2: Should I provide info for my student visa or do I need to mention the H4 visa approval info ??

Ques 3 : Do I need to tell the interviewer that I already got H4 visa approved and I’m here only for stamping and not a new application ?

I will be grateful if anyone can provide any relevant information along with answers to above question.

Thank u in advance.