Filing Taxes first time married with H1B and H4 visa(spouse)

Hello All,

I wanted to know some info on filing taxes for 2020 as I got married in January 2020 and my wife came to the USA on an H4 visa and I hold an H1-B visa. I recently got my approval for I-797 and my wife’s case is as follows:

  1. I applied for renewing an H4 visa for my wife, along with the EAD process in the California center (case received Feb 8th). The Processing times are greater than 6 months. Since she doesn’t have SSN, I need to wait for EAD and then get the SSN and apply for taxes. Is this possible?

  2. Is it ok to apply for ITIN for my wife now, so I can get it within the next 6 weeks and apply for taxes?

  3. If I defer the taxes to October 15, do I have to pay any fine (hopefully I do not owe taxes, expecting only returns)

  4. What is the last date to file for taxes without taxes, considering this process going till the end of the year.