Filing tax returns - Status change from OPT to H1B

Hi, I am not sure if this question was asked before. But please reply if someone knows the answer.

I was on OPT status last year and changed to H1B in Oct 2014. I am Florida currently, but lived in Atlanta (Georgia) and Charlotte (NC) for a month each last year (January and February 2014). So, I have 2 W2s for last year (one for Georgia and one for NC). I am not sure what forms I need to fill to file tax returns for 2014. Since Florida does not have state tax, do I file tax returns as someone with OPT or H1B? Please let me know if you know. Thanks a lot in advance. Appreciate your help!

you need to use both W2’s

Go to HR Block/turbo tax and they must be able to help you in filing

Hi, you may contact Shoonya Tax for help. Shoonya Tax is authorized US tax return service provider. Should you need help and for more information please contact me directly at Alternately, you may visit our website