Filing H4 visa and H1b visa at the same time.

Hi, I have filed H1b and got through lottery. My husband is in US and we were thinking of processing H4, to have a short one month visit to US before h1b stamping process starts from October. Now I have question that, stamping H1b and H4 both from India, is that a good option? Does H1b stamping get affected, since u r having H4, in India? I don’t think so, I will be needing COS. But still could u plz confirm.

Thanks in advance.



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I do have same scenario can someone please answer this question

You can apply for H-4 visa even though your H-1 petition has been approved or is pending. Once H-1 is approved, you can go for COS or re-enter US on stamped H-1 visa.