Filing H1B transfer without having a proof/copy of I-129(petition) I have the "Receipt Number"

My previous employer filed h1b for me in 2008. I left the organization without stamping being done. I am in a situation now, A new employer is willing to get the h1b transfer. I do have the “Receipt Number” through which I am able to track status of my petition. However,

  • I do not have a soft/hard copy of I-129, because I left the organization and organization has not shared any soft copy or hard copy of acknowledgment of petition approval.
  • I also do not know whether my x-employer has withdrawn the application or not.
  • I have never got the h1b visa stamped.
  • I have never traveled to USA

Should I believe there is still a chance of getting h1b (cap-exempted) through new employer if he files h1b transfer?

I really appreciate your efforts in resolving my query.

You need petition softcopy(I797) minimum for H1B transfer. To get the copy you can hire an attorney or talk to your old employer directly with any friendship if left :-).