Filing for Dependent's Visa

Hi All,I got selected for Lottery in May 2016, for ABC Location and A Client, and got the approval notice 797 B accordingly and a petition number.In Oct 2016, company filed my amendment for XYZ company and B Location and new petition number was generated and i received the acknowledgement notice.I went for stamping in the month of january and filled new petition number in the DS160 Form, however i got 221(g) stating that this petition is not approved and start and end dates are not there. Hence needed to provide the clarification. I shared my FIRST petition which was approved and which had dates. Immediately VISA was approved an i got the passport back. SO my passport is stamped with FIRST Petition #Now, i am about to fill in the Dependent’s DS160. My query:1) Which petition # to be filled: First or Second?a) Incase i fill first, then there is another section where do u intent to stay in US. In this section i have to fill my new location and address, which will be contradictory to the approved VISAb) Incase i go with the second one, then they will question, that primary application is for ABC petition and you have filled XYZ.i am confused which one to go about:Please guide and suggest