Few question on H1 Transfer and reciept Numbers


I am on H1B working at client location in XYZ state , I would be getting released from my current project on 10/30 , My present employer is asking me to head back to India as they are unable to find a new client. I have an offer in hand and H1 Transfer have been initiated on 10/19 and USCIS acknowledge that they received the package ,till date the new employer had not received the receipt number, can any one please clarify my below questions

What would be the time for getting the receipt Number?I understand getting a receipt number would not matter even if it is a premium or regular processing, is it trueThe premium processing would only matter if you need the I797 at the earliestI can only start working with new employer only after I get receipt numberIt would be obvious that I don’t want to head back to India, so what can me my best options so that I stay back and wait till I get the receipt numberHow many days/Months can a person remain unemployed if in case I resign from my current employerAppreciate a quick response

  1. It should be received within 1-2 weeks. If not received within 30 days, employer/attorney should contact USCIS.

  2. I think in case of premium processing, receipt numbers are also informed over email to the attorney. Hard copy will take similar time to reach.

  3. See (2)

  4. It is safer to wait to have physical copy in hand.

  5. If there is a need, I think you can join new employer even before you have the physical receipt in hand. It is safer and recommended to wait until the receipt is in hand, but if you and new employer are confident that it was correctly filed, then you can join on the basis of USCIS acceptance of your transfer package.

  6. There is no grace period. However, one can try to explain reasonable gap to USCIS if question arises. A reasonable gap could be for relocating from one city to another before starting the job, taking few days vacation and recharging your batteries before starting the new job etc.