F2 Visa Application Process

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I already took my F1 Visa (2 months for Intensive Language Program to start Master or Ph.d

But, my spouse didn’t apply because of any rejection risk both of us. 1) Should we apply for her, before I go to USA Or After starting language program in USA Or After starting master degree. 2) I cannot decide who should be financial sponsor of my spouse. My financial sponsor was my father. Should I sponsor to my wife? Or Should My father sponsor for her.3) My wife doesn’t work and study any master program in our home country. Is this any affect on rejection or not

4) If My wife rejected before I go to USA, Is there any affects on further application?

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  1. She can apply now before you leave for the program.

  2. The father can be the sponsor. You have declared that you are dependent on your father for the funds. So it makes sense that wife is also dependent on your father even though you will be handling the funds in b/w.

  3. What she does currently doesn’t matter. She is expected to not work or study in US and she would do that.

  4. It depends what the rejection reasons are.It may impact future F-2 stampings but may not impact other stampings like H-4 or L-2.

Thank you for your consideration.
As a result, My father will sponsor for my spouse. But I am still cannot decide on whether in 1st or 2nd is better? Because, as you mentioned about F2 rejections are related for other further application for F2. I don’t want to take risk.

  1. Before starting intensive english program (4 Months)

  2. After starting Master Degree

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They have already issued you F-1 visa, correct? So there shouldn’t be an issue if she appears for F-2 visa stamping now.

You must have mentioned that your marital status is married in your DS-160 form. So they already know that you may have 1 or more dependents in US on F-2 in near future.

Yes, they did. I also mentioned about marital status is married in DS-160.

But I am still cannot be sure that which time is most appropriate time for applying F2 my spouse.

  1. Before I leave from my home country.
    a) As my opinion, it helps to us. Because I am still in my home country. But, they can ask my spouse why you didn’t apply at the same time.
    b) When I apply for F1, I indicate that I will study at USA for 2 months. But, I am going to request new I-20 form which is going to be 4 months or 6 months. If they see new document, they may reject F2 visa.

  2. After the starting to the language course
    a) Language course is going to be 4 or 6 months. When I go to USA, they can reject F2 because of language course is not much more.

  3. After the starting to master
    I think It will help us much more than others. But It takes too much time to take required scores and etc.

If I will start from 1st to 3rd, what will happen?
It will help us or not.
I am confused with all the questions about my spouse situation.
I cannot be sure what I am going to do.

Thank you for your consideration

Best Regards.

1a. I don’t think its a big deal that you are applying separately. There could be several genuine reasons for this including other priorities etc. So don’t be worried about this question.
b. Wouldn’t that hold against you as well when you enter US. What I-20 will you show while entering US? If you are showing 2 months I-20, won’t they raise an issue 4-6 months I-20?

2a. The same was true when you appeared for your F-1 visa stamping. It is bigger deal for F-1 than F-2.

I have already mentioned my opinion and have nothing more to add. We are now going in circles.