F2 to H4 while H1B status is still "case was recieved"


My wife and I both applied for H1B. Mine got approved, but my wife’s status is still “Case was Received” as of today Oct 11 2016.

1.Should i start applying for H4?

  1. As my status changed from F1 to H1, should my wife leave the country as her F2 status will be void Or can she stay as she is waiting for the status of H1.

Why don’t you upgrade her H-1 to PP?

I will do that. I came to know that i cannot apply for H4, until the current case is still pending.
Do you know if she can stay here

Assuming her H-1 was applied w/ COS, she can continue to stay in US on the basis of that pending petition. If H-1 and/or COS is denied, then she would have to leave US and return on a different visa stamp (H-1 or H-4 etc).