F2 to H4 to F1 : Visa stamping

Hi ,

I came to the US on F2 visa then within 6 months it got converted to H4 then I applied for change of status to F1. I got my F1 visa but since all the status changes happened in the US and I didnt go out of the country the visa stamped in my passport is F2.

I have joined a 1 year STEM program which will complete in Jun,2015. My college will start applying for OPT in Mar,2015. Could you please tell me what will be the correct time to get stamping done? before or after OPT?



Well, it is advisable to get visa stamping done when you are in school. When you get into OPT, though you are in F1 status, you are no longer in school, you are technically working…You would have to show your job proof, etc. If you can, it would be nice to get it done before OPT starts…If you had F1, you could have done drop box like one of our readers : Read F1 Stamping on OPT . I always recommend you speak to your DSO at school and seek their advice…

Hi Kumar,

I am getting conflicting answers. I asked my ISS advisor. She said you can go at anytime it doesnt matter. If you are on F1-OPT , you need to have a job and all the related paper work. If you want to go in March that is fine too.
It is so confusing.