F2 rejected, please help out to find reasons

Hi ,

I have applied for f2 visa in Hyderabad on November 4th and it got rejected .

The interview went on like this

VO asked what your spouse doing.

Answered what course he is majoring in along with university

Asked his DOB


Questioned on how he is studying with loan or ?

Replied that he is not studying on loan, his family is sponsoring him.that his brother who is working in India is funding him for his studies.

Questioned that are they sponsoring you also

I said no.my father is sponsoring me.

Questioned on what he is doing

Told that he is working in xxx bank and have saving of amount xxxx also told that I have worked before doing my masters and have personal savings too.

Questioned on what will you do there after going

Told that will spend time with my husband and come back to India along with him that he will finish his studies on August 2017.

She told sorry your visa is rejected and gave 214 b

Now what could be the reasons my visa is rejected and for how many days can i reapply.

Can I make any changes in my DS-160 for next time and will they come to know the changes I have made.

I have finished my masters in India recently.

What could be the best answer if vo asked about what changes have you made from before as there are no changes to be made except my travel plan.

Thank you