F2 Regular VISA appointment booked for Jan '21- Should I go to the consulate?

I booked F2 Regular visa appointment for my wife.
Biometrics - Jan 12, 2021 in Hyderabad and Interview - Jan 15, 2021 in Chennai.
I have read in the blog that the consulates are not open, cancellation of already booked appointments and that available slots are only for EA.

So far my appointments have not been canceled. So, should I go ahead and go to the consulate next week?

Consulates are not open for regular operations yet. They are not giving F2 slots as per the previous guidance. Check with them before you go for stamping to be sure. Technically you can, just be cautious. F2 has no proclamation, so you should be fine, if they allow.

Quick update!
F2 visa got approved at Chennai consulate.