F1 visa to H1B Visa without CPT and OPT?


I have done my first MS in 2008. During the 1st MS I have done summer internship for 3 months. After the MS, I used my OPT period. Now I am going for another MS starting in Fall 2013. As per the USCIS rules, I am not eligible to get one more OPT period. In such case can you help me out with the following questions -

  1. Do I qualify for another CPT? If yes, when can I start the 2nd CPT? What would be the length of the 2nd CPT? While on CPT can I file for the H1B-visa?

Assuming that I don’t qualify for the CPT, is there a way I can find employer/s who would sponsor for my H1B-visa (based on my previous MS degree) in April-2013 and wait till Oct-2013 for me to start working?


Harish Bagaitkar

I don’t know the CPT response, but an employer can file H-1 for you in April 2014 (not 2013) w/ a start date of Oct 2014. They can file it under Advanced degree cap using your previous MS degree.