F1 visa to H1b visa when F1 is still under process


Got a question regarding F1 to H1b.

I would like to apply for H1b visa this year, and also I had applied for F1 visa last year which is still under process. So can I apply for H1b visa when my F1 visa is still under process ??

Thanks in advance.

Yes, you can.

Saurabh - If I apply my H1B and If I get an Approval and later if I get approval on F1 visa that is in process right now. Which one of my Visa will be valid? I hear the Visa that gets approved in later stages is valid. So that means will my H1B visa will be void if that gets approved first?

You are applying from outside US, right? In that case, both will be valid. If you go for stamping for visa A and then go for stamping for visa B, then they will cancel A w/o prejudice.