F1 Visa Stamp on STEM OPT


Requesting advice from the community. This will be very helpful for me.

I came to US on F2 status, then I got my status changed to F1 status while in US (there is no F1 visa stamp on my passport). I completed my studies and now I am on working on STEM OPT, which is valid for another 2-years.

I am planning to travel to India in another few months. I understand I have to get visa stamped. Could you please answer my questions?

What are the chances of my F1 visa stamping rejection? Would you characterize it as high or low? I have all the documents (I20, letters from company, pay stubs etc.) Do I have to go for interview when I am already in F1- OPT status?What are the current trends for such cases?If chances are high, any other suggestion will be very helpful.Thank you very much in advance. Your responses will really help me in here

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  1. Well, it can be very tricky because your intent is to work on F1. The original intent of F1 is to study and you have completed that part…logically speaking, I would look at the risk as high.

  2. If you plan to re-enter US on a visa type, in your case F1, you will need a valid visa stamp on your passport.

  3. We have no such info, you can check our 221g tracker to get some idea on general trend…but it may not be accurate.

  4. Well, if you can delay or avoid travel, it is the best. Some also try to go to near by countries like Canada to get it done…I do not know how risky it is…

I suggest you speak to your DSO as well and get their guidance.

Thank you Kumar. Your response is very helpful.

My current status just puts me a bad situation.

Can you please what is 221g tracker? Where can i find it?

thanks again

Hey. did you get your visa stamping done ? Please reply. Thanks in advance