F1 visa renewal denied under section 214b. What to do next

Dear Member,

Previously my visa was approved for UTEP but I returned back India within 10 working days due to medical emergency and didn’t violate visa condition.

Recently I went for visa renewal through drop box but Us Consulate called for interview where they denied my visa under section 214b. (University is same and program is also same).

Interview Detail:
VO: Pass your I20, passport and white slip received via drop box for interview call.

VO: How long have you been to US?
ME: I said just 10 working days, returns to India for medical emergency.

VO: Who is your sponsor?
Me: My Parents.

VO: Sorry, I cant issue you a visa.

Only this much.

Could anyone suggest me better whether I need to change university or continue with the same as I am going for second attempt but after defer my semester from Fall to Spring.

Doubt on my mind for changing university as it will reflect bad impression; as US Consulate knows that I didn’t attend my classes.

May I ask why you applied for visa again? Sounds like you already had a stamped F-1 visa in your passport which means all you needed was a new I-20 and a SEVIS ID. What are the validity dates on your issued visa or was it cancelled during your embassy visit?

Dear SShankar,

I apply for re-new visa after consulting with US Travel doc they suggest me to re-new visa as Sevis no. is changed and same suggest by University DSO.

My previous visa was cancelled during drop box process and they mention CWOP.

What next ? I mention everything in my que, kindly please have insight.