F1 Visa Rejected 3 times in 2007 can i attend H1 visa now?

Hi Experts,

i have attended [b]F1 Visa[/b] interview at [b]chennai[/b] (at that time there was no visa counsulate in Hyd) way back in [b]2007[/b] ,later in [b]2008[/b] i went  to [b]UK [/b]to [b]pursue Masters[/b] and returned back to india after completing my MS. presently i am working for a reputed [b]US based Mnc[/b] as a [b]software professional[/b] ,recently my [b]H1B[/b] application is picked in lottery, when i plan to attend the visa interview in Hyd consulate what will be the situation in my case.


- i have done my masters from a reputed university in UK and more over i have returned back from UK.

- will this add any additional impression on the visa officer seeing at my passport and returnning from UK.


- having been rejected 3 times around 7 years back ,below are the rejection issues.

[b]1st time[/b] - improper Gre scrores -- they told [b]potential immigrant[/b]

[b]2nd Time[/b] - went with good GRE score ,screwed up with Bank statements - [b]221 G (i think pink slip)[/b]

[b]3rd time[/b] - i don't exaclty remember the reason. [b]( i think they gave me 221 G )[/b]

i have done some research from various blogs/forums - that we need to mention the reason why visa has been denied ,but do they ask us to mention the dates as well ,i don't even remember the dates as well ,since i feel i need to be frank and not to hide/ misinterpet that i don't know when my visa was denied and the reson behind it.


please share your values inputs

luckily there were no rejection stamps in my passport.


Note : unfortunately i don't have those 221 g docs.

Generally, previous Visa rejections shouldn’t influence the VO in making the decision to approve\reject the H1B. However, as you’re already aware, be truthful duing the interview and that should be enough.

thanks a lot for the valuable inputs!