F1 VISA kept pending under 221g for my PhD, What happens if it crosses my Fall 2014 sem start date?


I had appeared for F1 VISA interview (Admitted for Fall 2014 for Doctorate degree at Lamar University, Texas) on 1st July 2014 but my VISA was kept pending under 221g. I submitted (emailed as told) the required documentation at 7th July 2014. I have sent reminder to Mumbai consulate for the status. They told me to wait few more days as most of the cases will be resolved within 60 days. From which date they will start counting, I mean, from interview date or from the date I submitted documentation?

Also if I get visa after the Fall semester date, what all will be the consequences?

Please I am in need of your valuable guidance.



I am on the same boat.has given interview on 6th August but it is still pending under 221g.dont worry,contact ur grad school,they would help you to chage ur session.it can be spring or winter. but within five months of visa stamping you have to visit usa.