F1 visa issue

I had got US f1 visa for fall 2015 but because of some personal problem I was not able to go for fall term, now I have the fresh I-20 of the same university for Spring 2016, I have doubt about my visa, is it valid or not for spring term and what type of difficulty it will create at US immigration counter in airport and what precaution I should take to handle that problem

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Hi, I am in exactly same situation. I emailed to United States Customs & Border Protection (USCBP) and they confined that I can travel to US on Fall 2015 visa with new I20 for Spring 2016 term.

Hi, I forgot to mention that I got emailed confirmation from US consulate as well. They also told me the same thing (visa doesn’t get invalid just because not used immediately).

Although in my case, everything remains the same (university, program, sevis number etc)

Let me know If you have information from any other source.

The visa once stamped is valid for travel. I-20 and SEVIS records must be current.

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