F1 visa doing Masters Course - extension


I started Graduate program in US University Fall 2011 and will be completing my Masters Mechanical Engineering in Fall 2012. Will be done with 36 credits by Dec 2012.

My F1 visa is valid until June 2013 and I would like to take 2 elective Mechanical courses in spring 2013 as it will help me on the core technical side.

My question is - will the school allow me to take 2 more courses in Spring 2013 (as I’ve completed all required core and electives by Dec 2012) and then graduate in May 2013. Please help me…

Anyways my F1/I-20 is till June 2013 and I just worked hard to complete ahead but realize I need this 2 extra tech courses to supplement my tech skills . I will apply for OPT in July 2013.

Kindly reply about Spring 2013 - situation as I can plan accordingly. I guess I simply have to register for Spring 2013 courses by Nov 2012 if okay



You should not have any problem at all, as you can take as many courses as you want and continue studying after you have reached min. credits required forthe degree.

Incase your I-20 is expiring, then you will have to get a supporting letter from your professor stating that these courses are important in your career and hand it out to your DSO seeking extension I-20.

Just that you know, visa is just for entering the country if you go out of USA. You may stay as long as you have your I-20 extended.