F1 visa approved but admit got cancelled after the approval

My F1 visa is approved on College A but admission is revoked by College A. Using the same F1 visa can I goto College B ?

Will the CBP officers look reject my entry if I can’t properly explain my situation?

Normally you are expexted to join the college whose I20 was used to approve your F1 visa.
In your case, what was the reason the college cancelled your admission? Will your college allow you to reenroll in spring semester next year?

If you apply at another college will the degree, course duration, and fees be almost same as the one you were accepted and on which your visa is based and approved?

" what was the reason the college cancelled your admission?", I think you need to explain and really be true if your “reason” was genuine, otherwise, let your fate be in your own hands. but, good luck on your future encounters.