F1 to H4 Visa and other University issue

Hi Everyone-

Need suggestion on couple of things, I checked with law office as well but any advise from anyone that is great.

  1. My F1 STEM OPT got rejected and my Sevis is in complete status as of May 5th. Because of this i have sent my case to USCIS for change of status to i539/H4/H4 EAD on May 29th. It is still pending, Now i cannot travel back due to Covid. Can i please know if im okay to stay until i gets approval? can i please know how long it will take for nebraska center?
  2. Also, i have another question my stem opt rejected due to mistake in transcript and university accepted their mistake and gave new new transcript where correct concentration was mentioned? Because of university mistake i have to quit job and out of status and other law office charges because of them. can i file lawsuit or some sort of case on them to get whatever losses im facing?

Please let me know if anyone are in similar situation?

Sorry to hear, tough situation.
Work with an attorney and try to re-file STEM OPT under nunc pro tunc telling it was the University mistake and attach a letter from University accepting their mistake. Put in your situation with travel as well due to COVID as well. It is worth a shot.
I am not sure about lawsuit, you can try to talk to an attorney and see…firstly, you need to have status to even fight in US, so focus on that…

You can check USCIS processing times on how long it may take at. https://egov.uscis.gov/processing-times/

Hi Kumar- Thankyou for your reply. I applied for H4/H4 EAD and did MTR in case of STEM OPT.

Also, when i talked with Law office they said they will not recommend any travel plans now.