F1 to H4 Change of status

Hi I am planning to cos F1 to H4. Can someone help me with the required documents.

Hi there,
I just got my fingerprint for cos F1 to H4 so maybe I can help you out. I assume that you apply within the US.
Documents that I submitted are:

  • marriage certificate
  • your recent I-94
  • your spouse H1B approved
  • your spouse recent i-94
  • your saving balance
  • your I-20
  • your passport with F1 stamped
  • a cashier check payable to USCIS with i-539 fee
  • i-539 application (I did it via online application)

Hope this help

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When did you apply? And are you still in class or you have graduated. Did you provide any reason for the change of status?

I applied it on March 4th, 2020. No reason at all as they don’t ask that in the application. I already graduated 3 months before I applied change of status from F1 to H4.

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Did your H4 get approved? Did you face any RFE?

Yes, I have a RFE. Do you have one? I am working with an attorney right now to response to USCIS’s RFE. They delay for so long that right now they require me to still be in F1 status, which is not my case anymore. I’m headache with their RFE.

I get you. I am in the same boat. I hope things sort out for you. Please let me know what you are sending as response.

:frowning_face:I am relying on my attorney. Given the Covid that I cannot fly back to my home country as borders are closed. I could give you her contact if you want. And get my finger-crossed on her.

What are you saying in response to rfe?

I am still working on it. I can’t tell because your situation might be different from mine and this information is confidential.

No problem. All the best. I hope this will be over soon. May I know when you graduated?

December 2019. I was unemployed and was stuck in the US since then. I am so tired with USCIS as everything is delaying during this pandemic. How about you?

I am also stuck here and scared to travel during this pandemic.

Hi Saheli_Das, have you response to your RFE yet? If so, does USCIS act on your case?

Hey any updates on this? I am still waiting to hear back

Hi Saheli. I just received an approval notice from USCIS to approve my cos from F1 to H4. I submitted it on March 26th, 2021 and it was approved today, March 31st, 2021. It takes me 7 days to get approved in which I find it fast.

Did you get your EAD approved?

I don’t have I-140 approval now so I cannot apply H4 EAD. My husband is in the process of PERM. Hopefully I can start to work next year. How about you? Did you get both H4 and H4 EAD approve?

No I am still waiting. This is full torture. At least I am hopeful after seeing your approval.

All the best to you.