F1 to H4 Change of status

Hi I am planning to cos F1 to H4. Can someone help me with the required documents.

Hi there,
I just got my fingerprint for cos F1 to H4 so maybe I can help you out. I assume that you apply within the US.
Documents that I submitted are:

  • marriage certificate
  • your recent I-94
  • your spouse H1B approved
  • your spouse recent i-94
  • your saving balance
  • your I-20
  • your passport with F1 stamped
  • a cashier check payable to USCIS with i-539 fee
  • i-539 application (I did it via online application)

Hope this help

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When did you apply? And are you still in class or you have graduated. Did you provide any reason for the change of status?