f1 to h1b stamping 221g and laid off

I was Laid off while I have come for stamping my 1st H1b visa.

I am an Indian Nationality and passport holder, Arrived in The US on Aug 2016 on F1 visa. Graduated with Masters in May of 2018 and obtained EAD card through OPT [Valid July 2018- July 2019]

I have worked with an employer immediately after graduation and they filled for my H1b visa as a FULL-time employee in the month of April 2019 and it was approved for the year Oct 2019-Aug 2022 through COS.

I have come to India for my H1b stamping and have received a 221g administrative processing from the US consulate In Mumbai India. The consular officer also Canceled my Student Visa. Currently, I have submitted all my documents requested by the consulate and they are processing amidst the lockdown imposed by the Indian Government to control the spread of Covid-19, causing the extreme delay in the issue of visa.

Following are my questions:

  1. Within, how many days do I have to find employment & have my H1b transferred? My current employer has mentioned they would be withdrawing my H1b. I currently have an Approved i797a. I am aware, I will have 60 days grace period, is it applicable to me as well, as I not currently located outside of United States?
  2. If I find employment after 60 days and is willing to transfer my H1 while residing outside of the USA, Can I reactivate my current H1? Or will I need to file a new H1 during April of next year?
  3. Assuming my current visa is stamped for the old employer after lockdown opens, will I be able to travel to the US with the new I797?
  4. If my Visa is not approved and I don’t receive my stamping from the US consulate, Do I need to enter Lottery again?