F1 to h1b(one month approved) extension under processing(200days), new company?

Hi All,

Hoping someone can help me understand and solve my questions for my current situation.
I came on an F1 visa(2014-visa expired in Jun 2019), my h1 got approved last year(2018) for a period of one month(Nov-Dec, did not go for stamping), my employer filed for an extension and I have been working on the receipt notice for 200 days, there are only 40 days remaining for me to be able to work on receipt notice. I have a company that is willing to transfer my h1 for a new job, what are my options here?
Should i wait for my extension to get approved?
Should i file for premium processing on the extension application?
File for a transfer of h1b?
or any other solutions?

Thanks for the help!

Yes, you should upgrade to premium processing and work with your attorney to get it going.
As your I-94 is expired already you would be in Bridge Situation and you would need the current H1B to be approved to be able to transfer, so it is tricky situation.
Work with your attorney and go for premium and get it sorted out.