f1 to h1 pending, inquring about status URGENT!!

I was going to grad school and i got job oppurtunity in a good company. I took CPT and started working. I did file for H1 b in april 2012. DUe to some misunderstand my sevis was terminated however i have been reinstated to F1 status. Now I am still waiting for my H1 approval. Its already april and I still have not received any decision. My question would be… while I am waiting for H1 approval do I have to register for the classes to be status?? If i do not do show will I still be in status. If I have to regsiter for the classes I need couple grands which I do not have right now. I am trying to avoid having to register for the class. If i do get approve will I be in status till october 1st or do I have to register for the class? how can i stay in status??? please help!

you have to maintain your f1 status till oct 2012 until your h1b starts.so you have to register for your classes to be in status.

if you dont want to register classes you need to go to india and once you get h1b approval go for stamping and come back