F1 to H1, h1 got cancelled, wants to go back to f1

Good day! I was on F1 last year and then I met an employer who filed a petition for me even if I’m still studying. My h1 was approved last december thus my status automatically changed from f1 to h1 even if I’m not yet finished with my MBA. But now when I was about to start working, my employer told me that they no longer need me for the job as they need to cut budget. I want to know:

-how long is the grace period before I will be out of status? They told me that they already reported this to the immigration.

-can I go back to F1?

-How will I go back to F1 if I want to?

You are supposed to get paid from the day you move to H-1. There is no grace period on H-1. You have already spent around 2 months on H-1 w/o getting paid which is basically out of status.

You cannot move to F-1 while continuing to stay in US as you are not maintaining legal status. So you should leave US, get F-1 stamped (w/ new I-20) and then return to get enrolled in that school.

Also, talk to an immigration lawyer ASAP so that you are aware of the consequences of what has happened in last 2 months.

Hi! Thank you for your response. I have a visa stamp in my passport for F1 which will expire on December 2016. Do I need to get a new one by doing a consular processing? I’m so confused because my lawyer also don’t know what to do. I need help from an immigration lawyer who knows what he’s doing.