F1 to H-1B premium processing with Change of Status

I had an offer from a employer, they have filed the H-1B visa under premium processing with Change of status from F-1 to H-1B.
Right now I got an offer from my dream company for which I really worked hard. so I want to join this company. If I decide to join this company and just in case my H-1B applications gets picked and approved will that affect my current OPT status.

Note: I am fine with loosing this H-1B application anyhow if it is not going to affect my OPT status.

Please help me by suggesting what needs to be done, I have a short deadline to accept the offer from my dream company.

No, it will NOT affect your OPT, you can move employers when in OPT. You need to ensure that you update your DSO that you are moving companies so that they update SEVIS. Also, if your H1B gets picked, you need to coordinate with your employer, who filed H1B, so that your COS does not happen automatically on October 1st to H1B.