F1 stamping when husbands I-40 is getting filled, is it safe?

I am presently on H4 would be visiting my country for F1 stamping in may or june, My husbands I-40 filing would start in April. Will that pose a problem as in questions regarding my intention of becoming a immigrant?

My second MBA is for a tenure of 1 year, is there a risk in going for F1 stamping?

Also I have an MBA in finance and 8 years of Management experience, will that also affect my visa interview?

Hi Shweta,

Once an I-140 process begins, visa stamping in other categories must be approached with caution as you are required to answer truthfully in DS-160 regarding immigrant applications. You are allowed to study on an H-4 so I am guessing there are other reasons for you wanting to switch to an F-1. In any case, you are highly qualified for a second MBA as a study choice and you could be subject to many questions if visa officer asks about your prior education, training, experience etc. I would ask you to stay with an H-4 till your husband’s (and yours) I-140 moves to adjustment of status approval stage. If your F-1 has a CPT objective, then you are better off with an H-4 EAD. Hope this helps.

Best wishesDr. Sandeep Shankar, Colorado Heights University, www.chu.edu, sshankarATchu.edu