F1 rejected reapplying for F1 again


My F1 visa got rejected under 214(b) as my husband is studying in USand the consulate felt that I am going there to join him but not to study. If I reapply for the F1 visa again…are there any chances of getting the visa?

Dear Madam,

Did visa officer say something to the effect that you are going to join husband and not to study?

Or it is your perception ?

If visa officer said something like that ,then he would have made a note on that application about this as a reason for rejection

In this case yr chances of getting F1 visa after reapplication are not good.

But if yr universities are different , and you can show adequate finances then , it may be worth trying if visa officer did not actually say something like that.

Usually visa officer does not tell the reason for rejection

Hi, The Visa officer told me that I have not met the criteria for the Student visa and said that I am going to US only to join my husband. She has given me a voucher which says that I have been rejected under 214(b). But I have applied for the different university and I have sufficient funds. Even then it got rejected.
One more thing is that I have been to US before on L2 visa. So is it better for me to apply again on F1 ? or should I apply on F2 ?

In the given circumstances your best chance is F2 visa.
Same voucher is given to every applicant whose visa is rejected

ok… Thanks for the info!!! :slight_smile:

Hi, When I am applying for F2 Visa, will I be asked as in why I have not applied for F1 visa again. If so, what could be the best answer I can give. I was rejected under 214(b). So if I give him the same answer how can I be sure that I will not be rejected for F2 visa on the same basis??

You will not be asked why are not applying again for F1 . If at all you are asked that question- Answer is simple . My F1 was rejected .So Iam not applying for F1. But I would like to join my husband. A vey natural and simple reason.
Visa officer would look at two things
1- Financial position of yr husband and his ability to suport you
2- Whether you are “Misusing” F2 to join the course

Concentrate on these 2 aspects