F1-Reinstatement or Travel outside and reenger US?

Hi, I’m in situation. I was authorized for Summer cpt which I can’t start due to wait in my SSN. After that time, company gave me extension in selected job position. for next semester’s CPT. I went 2 days training and project went on hold. As It wasn’t continuous work available, I left the opportunity and they paid me for 2 days of my work. At this point, I couldn’t enroll in to CPT again due to deadlines approached to enroll into the CPT course. Now I have to file for reinstatement because when University asked for getting a letter from employer for me to show that I haven’t worked during my authorized summer OPT but I worked for 2 days for paid training. Please advise. I’m in the last semester where only one course left. And it’s almost February 2017. I’m graduating in May 2017. Please share your experience if you went through all your situations.

Your situation is little tricky with 2 days working and not working for the rest of the time, etc. I suggest you speak to your DSO and get it sorted out. Your DSO is your best person to advice.