F1 reinstatement expedition

Hello Sir,

I am heera. I have applied for f-1 reinstatement in march 2017, and just got a rfe on 16th nov and had submitted the response for rfe on 5th dec 2017… It’s all for the DSO and has nothing to do with me. But my main concern is I got less than 65 days of time to get my status back and apply for opt. But USCIS these days is taking very very long time. So do I have an option of expediting since my dad’s health is very serious and he wants to see me in his last days and I can’t leave unless a decision is made by USCIS. So, is there anything I can do? or can book an appointment for info pass helps me?



please some one do help me m desparately in need of ans

You can visit any of the USCIS field offices and explain your situation, they can give you an answer. If you just re-submitted on Dec 5th, it is too early to ask for status. You will need to give them at least 30 days.

In my personal view, if your father’s health is not well, just go and see your dad and help him out. Visas, Status are nothing compared to taking care of your father, when he needs you.

Personally, few years ago, I did not had visa stamping and was looking for job…but, I have everything in US to visit my father, when he needed me. I had challenges going back with visa, etc. but, I never regret my decision.

Why did you get rfe for ?

Its a long story. I have only one course work left during sprng2017 in order to graduate. Since my i20 was not extended i lost my status and applied for reinstatement in march. As we have to mention an end date in the i20 and since I got only one course work to complete and so they stated my end date as 31st may 2017. But I havent got my reinstatemnt processed before 31st. So i have to extend my graduation till dec31st,2017. That is the reason why I got RFE as is she still a student and attending classes and still needs to be reinstated etc.

Hi Heera,
I hope your situation got solved.
I am in similar boat.
My F1 expired in may 2017 and i filed reinstatement in july 2017, didn’t recieve a response from USCIS.
I had to graduate in dec 2017.
I applied for opt while waiting after talking to an immigration attorney.
I just got RFE on F1 reinstatement today.
How did you file / reply to your RFE.
How long did it take after you sent in the documents to hear a response ?
Please let me know
It will be of much help.