F1 OPT STEM extension to H1B conversion( E-verify)


I was working for an employer in 1st OPT and I applied for 2nd OPT with the same company and the company was E-verified. later I got a good opportunity in other company during the last 3 months of my 1st OPT I worked with the new employer.

Later my company told they dont have E-verify and want to place me in staffing agency and apply for H1B visa next year in 2013.

My question is can a company apply for H1B visa when I am still working under staffing agency and my H1 and hire date would be october 2013 ?

Any help on this would be greately appreciated.

Yes the company can apply for your H1B when you are working for the staffing and your start date will be 1st Oct 2013.

Hi even i have similar situation, and looking for information,. Thx for this answer, I have an other question.

Can we work in a non e-verified company during the opt 17 months period.?