F1 opt cap gap to H1b

Hi I am currently on Stem OPT ( Opt expires June 20th, 2015 ) working for Employer A. Employer A filed my H1b but no updates yet regarding lottery. I got another offer from Employer B and their H1 petition is selected in Lottery and it is currently processing. My wife is currently in F2 and another Employer filled her petition and it also got selected.

My Questions:

  1. I would like to continue with Employer A, will I be able to continue working for Employer A using Employer B’s OPT cap gap till september 30th?

  2. Can I apply H1 again through employer A after employer B’s petition is approved before october 1st?

  3. If My petition is approved and I continue working after October 1st while my wife’s F2 to H1b is still pending, what will be my Wife’s status after October 1st ( since I will be on H1b after October 1st) ?