F1 husband wants his F2 son in usa from india.

Hello… I have some different type of query. Well, my name is Bhavesh Patel. Actually, 3 years ago, me & my family (including my wife & son) applied for visitor visa & fortunately, we got it & we came to usa. after that I decided to study, so I converted my visitor visa to student visa & my wife & son both have dependent visa. After that my son(6 years old now) went to India. & also I completed my studies & now applied for the OPT. Now I want my son back here in usa, so what should we do? he already has 10 years of visitor visa. but I converted into dependent…so I can’t understand what we should do. If my son will come to usa on that visa, Do u think he has to face problems on airport from the custom?? If yes… then suggest me the another way. please reply as soon as possible. suggest me, I am eagerly waiting for your kind reply & support.

The visitor visa on yours and dependent passports will show ‘voided without prejudice’ when scanned at US entry points. Although with 10 year validity on visitor visa, you changed status which will reflect in all USCIS records. Your son will need an F-2 stamp to reenter.

Thank u so much for ur lovely support.
just we have to send him to F2 visa interview, right?
what do u think sir, they will give him ?
because he is just 6 years old boy & what will they ask him ?

You or accompanying adult will be asked about evidence of care. If you are full time student, who will the child stay with during time you are in classes? Who will pay for daycare, health insurance, who will take care of his school? The other biological parent will also have to give consent for this arrangement. This is needed for Indian and US governments because the child is being separated from one parent.