F1 CPT to H1B Change of Status Approval - DS160 help

Folks, I am desperate for advice as I am planning my travels very soon.

I recently received an approval for my H1B with Change of Status (after a long long long long wait). Prior to receiving my approval, I had a status of a student and was working on CPT while I was on F1. I am planning my trip back home next week and am required to submit form DS160 before scheduling stamping.

The form DS160 asks for Primary Occupation. What shall I select as my primary occupation: “Student” or “Computer Science”? My H1b approval’s start date is October 19.

There is another issue. If I select my primary occupation as “Computer Science”, then am I required to show my current Masters program in my educational history? My masters is not due until 2020. The website does not allow a future date to be entered. How do I enter this information?

Thank you all for your help in advance.